Towing with U-Haul Open Trailer?

Getting to the track and back, where you stay while you are there.
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Has anybody towed their SRF with an open trailer, like a u-Haul? I've been towing with rented trailers lately. I sometimes can get an open deck and other times go with a u-Haul, which has two tracks for the wheels to sit on. ... Rental/AT/

My old 944 had a wheel base of 94.5" and fit on the u-Haul with room in all directions. I see the SRF has wheel base of 92". I'm sure getting on the ramps is another story and requires some extended ramps...
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 7:12 pm

any thoughts on this?
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Needs a Life!!!
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No personal knowledge, but this video might help. Looks like clearance to the nose could be tight; track width as well. May want to call U-Haul to get specific measurements, especially track width.
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