SRF specific Open Trailer for Sale - Price lowered

Getting to the track and back, where you stay while you are there.

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Still Learning to Type
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Located in Acworth, GA

I was told these were made specifically for the SRF and I've added a few items. Really nice, lightweight trailer, can be pushed around by hand even with the car on it, fits in garage easily.

-Main tire rack holds 8 tires, added a bike rack attachment.
-Updated Northern Tool truck box has mount for 6 more tires on top, plus extinguisher mount.
-Added Fly Racing 3 gas can carrier.

Was always really happy with the trailer, but sold my car awhile ago thinking I might get another at some point and now need the 3rd garage space.


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20230414_102643.jpg (169.88 KiB) Viewed 464 times

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You can contact me through the Paradigm Shift Racing contact page, I'll get the message.

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