Alternator Alignment

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The alternator belt on GEN3’s can fly off if they are out of alignment. If the mounting brackets are not just right the belt can jump the pulley. The alternator belt drives the water pump and if the belt goes it doesn’t take to long before the motor overheats. If the driver doesn’t notice the temperature rise quickly, serious damage can result.

When installing a new alternator or if the car is having problems throwing a belt, we recommend the following alignment check. Use a 1/2” square bar about 18” long. Lay the bar on the side of the alternator pulley and check the alignment at the lower pulley, see Figure 1. The bar should line up with outside the lower pulley, see Figure 2. If there is a big gap or the bar is pointing to the belt side of the pulley the alternator is out of alignment and might cause problems.

If the alternator is out of alignment check the tightness of all the bolts. If that doesn’t solve the problem consider buying some new mounting brackets. The older or first-generation brackets are not as thick or strong as the latest generation. If you aren’t sure which ones you can check with your CSR.

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Photo Belt Tool L.jpg
Figure 1 - Alignment Bar at Alternator
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Image Belt Alignment L.jpg
Figure 2
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This post was very helpful....thanks Bruce.

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