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Greg Holmberg wrote:
Jparris wrote:One suggestion: In the engine model column, a more specific designation for the SRF3 engines is a Ford Sigma engine, which is a part of the Duratec family.

OK, I'll change it to Sigma.

Reading the wikipedia pages on the Duratec and the Sigma, I thought it was the other way around--Sigma was a family and Duratec was more specific. It's confusing.

I think it's confusing too. However, in the GEN3 engine installation manual from SCCA Enterprises, the introductory page starts with a section called "Intro to the Ford Sigma 1.6 -liter GEN3 engine", so we'll assume that's the authority.
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From the Sigma page it looks to me like this is the one : 1.6 Duratec Ti-VCT (2012-)
Then down below it states that the SCCA Spec Racer Ford uses the "1.6L Sigma" so clearly Ford marketing didn't burn the midnight oil on the naming conventions. :)
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