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SCCA Enterprises Technical Bulletin 006-2016
SRF / SRF3 Auxiliary ballast location

New auxiliary Ballast location has become necessary due to the widely varying weight of GEN3 converted cars.
Steel ballast plates for the new approved location have specific dimensional restraints and no exceptions, the ballast plates are composed of 3 parts (2) mounting tabs (1) weight plate.

• Mounting tabs must be 7” X 1.5” +/- .125” no less than .125” thick “Nominal Steel”
• Weight Plate “Steel” 5” to 7” wide, up to .500” thick and 27.650” +/- .150” with mounting tabs total length.
• Weight plate must be fully welded to the mounting tabs, “may not be offset” on tab and bolted to left and right main lower longitudinal frame tubes minimum size of 5/16” and no less than (4) bolts, nuts and washers.
• Ballast plate installed within 1” front and or rearward of the 1” anti sub belt mounting tube. See diagram below
Note: Due to small variance of the lower longitudinal chassis tubes width, Length of the ballast plate should be fit to a specific chassis.

Drivers right side of the ballast plate mounting tab will need to bolted between the shift lever bracket and or the shift linkage pivot bracket and frame. Depending on the thickness of the weight plate used, the lower edge of either bracket may need to be trimmed.

It is advised not to alter the mounting holes in either bracket; doing so will change the height of the shift shaft and can cause shaft clearance problems with the frame and or engine oil pan.

Note: No other shift linkage modifications are allowed, Butler or fiberglass seats may need Clearance.

Example: Common mild steel plate and the approximate weight
7” X 27.250” X .250” 14 lb / .375” = 21 lb / .500” = 28 lb
5” X 27.250” X .250” 10 lb / .375” = 15 lb / .500” = 20 lb
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My Chassis #205 doesn't have enough space (aft between the anti sub. tube and the diagonal tubes running at 45 deg. to the tube below the seat bottom) to be able to mount a seven inch long tab. There is only about 6.5 inches between the welds, and after giving some space between the 1x1 square tube that leaves only about 5.5 inches without offsetting the ballast plate.Photo from top of cockpit, frame laying on left side.

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