SCCA Enterprises TB 001-2018 SRF Wilwood Caliper/Weld Wheel

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:58 pm
I didn't see much change in lap times and tops speeds are the same, that being said, I always paid attention to the old brakes and would flip the pads after every session to keep the drag down from taper wear. What I do notice is the pads wear much more evenly and seems like I will get more life out of the pads.

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Thanks Barry - appreciate the response. I like the pedal feel I have with the old style calipers, but I hate the idea of giving something up on the track.



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Needs a Life!!!
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Fresh apples vs rotten apples vs oranges

The performance difference people are seeing may be related to the the condition of the old brakes when they upgrade to the wilwoods.

Well used old style brakes (rotten apples) such as mine were can have a variety of issues leading to poor performance. When I installed the wilwoods (oranges) I saw a huge braking performance difference. In short the old brakes were totally shot. So I would vote that the wilwoods were worth the expense

It also seems possible that had I replaced my brakes with all new original parts (fresh apples) I would have experienced a braking improvement.

So for what it's worth, the amount of difference one sees likely depends on where one starts.
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