Gingerman Regional May 20-21

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Still Learning to Type
Still Learning to Type
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Good Morning,

The run groups for the Gingerman Regional have been changed based on a request I sent in. I was concerned about my kid running in a mixed group with tin tops. They were very responsive and a pleasure to deal with.

SRF/SRF3 is no longer in a mixed group with Prod.

Grouping are now:

Group 1 - SM, SM5

Group 2 - ASR, P1, P2, S2, FA, FC, CFC, FM, FS, FB, FE

Group 3 - FV, F5, FST, FF, CFF

Group 4 - SRF, SRF3

Group 5 - GT1, GT2, GT3, SP, ITE, AS, T1, T2, STO, GTA, SMG, TA2

Group 6 - STU, STL, SPU, T3, T4, ITS, ITA, ITB, ITC, IT7, ITR, B-Spec, Spec E46, EP, FP, HP, GTL, Legend

If anyone was on the fence, or skipping this race because we were mixed with Prod, please reconsider and sign up, to thank SBR for making the change.


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