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Still Learning to Type
Still Learning to Type
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:20 pm
I am replacing an early version GoPro with the Hero 6. I thought I'd see if I needed to buy the clear scuba case to protect it or just let it go as is with a lens protector. If you use the scuba case (which looks like the normal case on the old ones), does it sound ok?
John Greene
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Ready to Write a Book
Ready to Write a Book
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:39 pm
I would use the case. Not only will it protect the camera it will help with the wind noise. I have recovered many gopro's intact in the case, even from indycar speeds. The trick is always finding them. The nice thing about the old cases at least that if the lens cover got pitted and damaged you could easily replace them and not the entire case.
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Ready to Write a Book
Ready to Write a Book
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:26 am
Definitely use the case. It will protect the camera, reduce wind noise, and provide attachment options for a firm, stable mounting.

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