Chassis #694 (Gen3) For Sale

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Chassis #694

Conversion to Gen3 was done over the winter in 2016, and there are 9 events on the car since it was converted. The clutch is the new spring-centered version, so you will not need to replace it.

During the conversion, the following was done (all replacements were new):
Replaced fuel cell
Replaced fuel cell surge tank
Replaced fuel pump
Rebuilt transmission (still has the old-style helical gearset)
Replaced wiring harness (all wiring is new)
Replaced dash with AIM MXL2 system.
Replaced rain light with new LED light
Replaced Alternator
Replaced IAC
Replaced fuel fill line
Installed Butler seat
Replaced Harness (Good until 2021)
Replaced a lot of old hardware
Replaced 2 of the 4 hubs(1 hub has 2 sessions on it, the other has 9 events)

The dash, as mentioned, is an AIM MXL2, which comes with:
Front and rear brake pressure sensors
Steering position sensor

Between the car's ECU and the added sensors, the only data you don't get is suspension data.

Spares/extras that come with the car:

2 sets of alloy wheels (tires on one set have 13 HC and should be fine for practice next year)
1 set of Shelby wheels
1 set of steel wheels (good set of rains are mounted on them)
1 very nice vinyl car cover
1 set of alignment bars
1 quick jack

Also included:
2 UHF Motorola Radios (chargers included)
Radio box
Car radio harness
PTT swith + extra PTT switch
Crew headset

Full set of new rotors
Full set of new brake pads
Full set of pistons/rebuild parts for the brakes
2 extra upper A-arms (One for each corner set)
Old fiberglass seat (if you want to use that instead of the Butler)

All engine and car data since the first start of the engine is available, and will come with the car upon sale. Data goes back to 2016 when the car was a Gen 2.

The car is solid, with multiple top 5 finishes since the conversion. Located in Northern Virginia.

Asking $37,500

Also available as part of the sale (not separately):

18' 3500lb open utility trailer that will haul the car just fine, with a set of ramps and race ramp extenders. ($1,000)

Set of scales with roll-off pads ($800)

PM me here, email me at cblough at gmail (d0t) com or call/text me at (540) 394-0161

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