Gen 3 Spec Racer and trailer For Sale by Jim Marinangel

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Former Specracer National Champion
Former Specracer National Champion
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Gen 3 Spec Racer and trailer For Sale by Jim Marinangel

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1. A Spec Racer with Provenance.

This car had its beginnings when I won the SCCA Spec Racer National Championship at Atlanta’s last Runoffs in 1993 in my Sports Renault. SCCA Enterprises had recently released and was promoting the Gen 2 Spec Racer Ford and offered a new Ford engine conversion kit as the Grand Prize for the winner. I took that prize, added some money, purchased SRF Chassis #710 as a new kit, picked it up at Enterprises and trailered it home.

Wanting it done right, I had Elite Autosport assemble and set up the car. Since then, during the last 23 of my 30 years of SCCA racing, Chassis #710 has carried me to 3 June Sprints wins, 2 Central Division championships, numerous podiums and checkered flag laps while setting some track records. While I performed regular prep and alignment work, its overall welfare was cared for by Beau Martin and the skillful team at Elite Autosport for the entire 23 years.

When the car was converted to a Gen 3 racer it received a new electrical harness, new fuel cell with in-tank fuel pump kit, completely new fire system relocated to the proper side, new sub-fuel cell floor pan, new foot area floor pan, new-style upper control arms at all four corners, rebuilt shocks, weld-on and bolt-on lower frame skid plates and a new MOMO steering wheel. It also has a hardwired transponder.

Before the 2017 season the car received new Schroth Profi II Hans 5 point safety belts good until 2022; new AIM MXL2 data acquisition system with GPS, brake pressure sensors and the Smarty CamHD GP; a new dash; a transmission rebuild with straight-cut gears and a new clutch.
Following the conclusion of the 2017 season the car has had a complete going over including new motor mounts, new powder coating of lower suspension pieces, engine and transmission fluids changed, and a complete Elite Autosport alignment for Blackhawk Farms, (compatible for any shorter track). The car comes with three sets of wheels, two are the latest 12 spoke design with used dry Hoosiers and one set of Welds with Hoosier rains. The body is at the paint shop and about to receive a stunning new teal and silver paint job (my colors), however if someone purchases it before the painting starts the buyer can choose his or her own primary colors.

The car has a strong engine that will allow any skilled driver to be competitive. Having been aligned, prepped and with its 2018 Annual Technical Inspection already completed it is, with the exception of the new owner’s application of decals and numbers, absolutely ready to enter any track to legally run and win in SCCA competition. (Hint: the Central Division Drivers School is April 20th!) Price: $38,500.

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2. A trailer configured specifically for a Spec Racer

At 24 feet this Pace trailer and Canopy is large enough to carry a car and, if desired, a golf cart or 4-wheeler that can be loaded through the oversized side door. The rear has a beavertail floor that facilitates the loading and unloading of cars, toolboxes and equipment. Instead of hand cranking, at the front is an electric jack that is powered by an onboard battery that is automatically recharged by the tow vehicle while driving. (I’ve always considered it the best $300 I ever spent in racing….)
The front of the interior has custom cabinets and a steel workbench with a large attached vice and under-counter lights. The cabinetry provides a lot of storage space in drawers and behind doors that will allow for the organization of most of your support equipment. Along the right side of the trailer is a tire rack that holds a dozen mounted wheels and below that is a place for hanging alignment bars, storing gasoline jugs and a trailer spare tire, (included).

The left side of the trailer has a large storage cabinet high enough to place a rolling tool box under it and a bar for hanging drivers suits and jackets. Supports hold two PVC tubes that contain the included canopy’s poles. (The canopy top was purchased in 2017 and is like new.) Below that are held two long wood boards for special unloading conditions but mostly serve as a convenient place to lay out radios, gloves and more during a race weekend. A second trailer spare tire (also included) is fastened to the wall. The left side of the trailer features a large side door that allows exiting full sized cars when car doors cannot be opened. It’s best attribute is that in hot weather it can be opened up to allow cooling cross drafts of outside air.

The overall condition of the trailer is Average to Good. It is not pristine inside or out as it has been a working, racing trailer. It does look sharp however, and you will be proud to drive up with it. Just as importantly, it is designed to make your race weekends productive, efficient and therefore, fun.
Price: $9,000.

I will separate them, but if you buy the car and trailer together they can be had for $45,000 which is less than the delivered cost of a new Gen 3 car kit alone. If you do, then specialized alignment tools such as a PBS quick jack, jack stands, electronic camber gauge, bump steer equipment, electronic scales, plus a portable generator and more will go with the package. You will be completely ready to race. Finally, I am in the Chicagoland area. If you buy the package and are new to racing I will, if you want, instruct for you for two race weekends so you can get familiar with SCCA racing, the car, the trailer setup and everything that goes with it.

Call Jim Marinangel at 815-790-2481

Needs a Life!!!
Needs a Life!!!
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Jim, have you ever thought about getting out of the banking business and sell real estate? Nice job!

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Former Specracer National Champion
Former Specracer National Champion
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Well Pat, could happen. I'm getting tired of dealing with government banking regulations.

I'm holding off having the color shot on the car in case a buyer wants something other than mine.

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