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12" light (“Cross style") SRF wheels. These were the lightest, but they are in rough, but good condition.
4 new style wheels, like in attached photo. Very good condition.
4 steel wheels used for rain.
Many old tires and a couple new ones.
Spare gen 2 engine
Several weight plates.
13 quarts Mobil 1 oil
2 spare axle assemblies
Spare front aluminum pan.
New battery as of 4/18

Includes Stack Multi-Function ST8100M-Configurable Dash Display. Includes predictive lap time, creates course map, etc. (I think it is the 8800, but not sure. I'm still doing some digging, sorry)
Includes Stack Oil pressure, fuel pressure, timing light, temperature sensors, rpm sensor, speed sensor, battery voltage.
Allows downloading data taken during a session to DataPro software (not included, unless I can find it and it still works with Windows).

(Not included: We have a Longacre Computerscales 2000 also if interested, send me a message for more information on these items)

Located in Fort Collins, CO
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