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Ready to Write a Book
Ready to Write a Book
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PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2019 9:23 am
Grattan Raceway is for sale. The owners built the track waaaaay back when (mid 60’s?) and want to get out from under it. It’s a fabulous, old school facility and deserves a new owner who WON’T turn it a golf course or condos. Grattan’s not famous but it’s a kin to Summit Point, Blackhawk Farms, Hallett......non pro, family run, great tracks with lots of charm and character.

Truth be told, it could use some TLC and a couple of suspicious fires upon purchase. The buildings need to go so they can be replaced by new structures without leaky roofs, real power, etc.



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Still Learning to Type
Still Learning to Type
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Like you, I hope somebody buys it and cares for it. A fun place to race.

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