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PostPosted: Fri May 22, 2015 4:00 pm
Racer X wrote:It's the bolt sliding through the groove on the rack spline that locates the steering shaft as I recall. If the bolt goes in easily, you're at the right depth.


ok, that's exactly what I was seeing. For some reason I don't remember being able to see the spline when removing it, but it seems physically impossible to get it on any tighter. I can see the spline gets in the way if its on any farther.
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Old thread - but just did this today.

Yep. Do this at the spline end (assuming the rig is right otherwise) it makes it easy. I'll pass along the one "show-stopper" well, can slow you down and another tip:

    1. There is/might be a stopper collar forward of the dash you must loosen to get enough travel to slip the shaft aft to then center the shaft on the spline.

    2. Undoing and re-tightening the bolt can/could rotate the rack before the shaft is tightened. Have a means/someone to hold the wheel centered, or do it on the ground and chocked. I was on the quick jacks and had some "messing around" to do and get it right

May need to do it again - but it is one of the easiest "fixes" you can do.

Cheers - Jim
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