Fall Sprints & Open Enduro at Blackhawk Farms

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Registration is now open for the Fall Sprints Divisionals & Open Enduro at Blackhawk Farms September 8 & 9. The Divisional races conclude in the morning on September 9. The remainder of the day is dedicated to the Open Enduro with a 45 minute test and tune session and a three hour race for $395.

Open Enduro drivers will compete in four classes: SRF/SRF3, Miatas (except those with engine swaps), closed cars under 2.5 Liters, or closed cars over 2.5 Liters.

Drivers do not need to be SCCA licensed to compete in the Open Enduro. If you have crew or friends that have wanted to try driving, this is their chance! For additional information, please see the link to motorsportreg below. I hope you will come out and race with me in the Enduro and the Divisionals.

https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/fa ... cca-712587

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