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For Sale: Chassis number 694

The time has come for me to get out. Up for sale is chassis number 694, converted to Gen3 at the beginning of the 2017 season.

The transmission was just rebuilt with straight cut gears, the updated final drive, the upgraded 1st and 2nd gears, and it has 2 weekends on the box. Additionally, the new spring-centered clutch is installed.

The engine had a cracked head gasket at the end of last season, and just got back from Enterprises. The head was machined and the gasket replaced, and I had the rod bolts replaced since it was at Enterprises. It has been dynoed and sealed, and is ready to roll for next year. The engine has zero weekends on it since all the work was done.

Old-style A-arms (with 2 spares)
AIM MXL2 installed
F/R Brake pressure sensors, Wheel Position sensor
Butler Seat
New front brake master cylinder
Spare nose
3 sets of wheels (2 alloy, 1 steel,) comes with a good set of rains.

Some spare parts come with the car, and I'm throwing in a set of corner scales and a utility trailer to haul the car.

Asking $27,000, car is located in Northern Virginia. Why so low? Because the body needs some work. Front and rear body sections need to have some moderate repairs done and it needs to be repainted. Additionally, the frame needs to be painted or powder-coated, it's due.

Otherwise, the car is ready to go. You could race it (and win!) as-is, and John Hagerman just finished going over the car. No big issues, just some of small issues to take care of to get the car ready.

Contact me at: (five)40-(th-ree)94-0161, text or voice, or via email at cblough at gmail.

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