Potential SRF racer: GEN 2 vs GEN 3 want opinions

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PostPosted: Wed May 15, 2019 5:18 pm
Thanks for that note, Bruce. From an insider's view, you pretty much listed the same pros/cons of the Gen2 approach that I'd come up with. A year after considering this option, I'm really starting to think it might be viable, partly based on the following:

There are 7 double-regional events held by the San Francisco SCCA region
(schedule here: https://www.sfrscca.org/racing/2019-schedule/)

Looking at the results of the first 3 events of the year, there were 7 Gen2's at the first event and 10 each at the 2nd/3rd events.
(results here: https://www.sfrscca.org/racing/results/)

Gen2's are running 5-7 seconds/lap slower, and at Laguna, all appear to get lapped. But at Thunderhill, most seem to finish on the same lap as the Gen3 leaders. Additionally, the Gen2's seem to finish somewhat in a grouping, not mixed in with Gen3's. That's somewhat encouraging that perhaps they're able to run their own race without being too much of an issue to the Gen3's.

Anyway, thanks to all for the info.

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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 11:26 am
One other note is that, in the SF Region, if there are enough Gen2's, they may be able to get a split start. This happened in the second race at Laguna when the Gen2's petitioned the other drivers and they were able to get enough signatures (50% of both groups needed.) That makes it a little easier on the starts for the Gen2s, but did contribute a bit to the Gen2 getting lapped (also the track length and top end speeds play a big part, as well.) I can say that the Gen3's didn't have too much of an issue with passing Gen2's, since most are pretty aware of the Gen3's coming late in the race (even the "rookie" drivers.)
Bob Breton - SRF 51 - San Francisco Region

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I would go with Gen3:

I'm one of Bruce's customers. I previously raced in a Lotus Elise. I first rented a Gen3 from Bruce for TH. Then I tried a Gen2 at Laguna. I then ended up buying a used Gen3 for last season, and sold that and bought a new one for this season.

For me, there was no comparison: the Gen3 is significantly faster and more fun to drive. A Gen3 will easily run 2:02 at TH; I've run 1:59s. The power is very controllable and you can easily rotate the car with the throttle. To me, driving a Gen2 was like driving a Miata with the top cut off. At Laguna, the Gen2 feels really underpowered when climbing from T5 to T8--the Gen3 way less so.

I suggest you do a test day with Bruce, and try them both out at TH or LS and see what fits with your skill and comfort level.


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