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Needs a Life!!!
Needs a Life!!!
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 15, 2019 9:29 am
JustOne wrote:The paddle shifting is cool, although I like our H pattern and rowing the gears. It’s a neat car and I’m certain that I’ll get to drive the new version very soon. Once they get going, likely I’ll do an arrive and drive one weekend.
Ultimately, I think the SRF3 and SR1 could help each other due to cross shopping and sanctioning bodies.

That was the point of my original post - to spur a discussion and learn from it. It's a modern take on a spec race car.

How many people under 30 years old can drive an H-pattern? Maybe the SRF Gen 4 will have paddles. The investor in me wants to buy 10 of them because I can't see how he keeps the prices under $40K (let alone under $30K).

To work in NASA this car will force them to change their basic philosophy of multiple classes in a few run groups. This thing could not be on track with sedans. It actually fits in SCCA much better.
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Needs a Life!!!
Needs a Life!!!
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 16, 2019 1:27 pm
Looks like fun. A few things...

How expensive are the spares and engine servicing?

Will there be authorized CSRs?

There's probably no way to keep it south of $30K after buying rains and wheels, brake and tail light, and toe bars. It will probably need a head "halo" restraint, too.

This thing will run in NASA, which has sketchy national coverage. For instance, they're weak in the Northeast. What's more, no way NASA's race administration standards match that of SCCA.

Oh, and another thing -- it's going to take awhile before the car counts rival SRF. We have a strong community built up over more than three decades. No matter where we race, we have playmates.

I would say, though, to the beginning road racer this looks a lot more appealing than SRF. It could take significant bite out of new SRF car sales over the next few years.

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