You can take advantage of layering technology in WOW Classic

Getting to the track and back, where you stay while you are there.

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In WoW Classic, some players avoid the monster's rebirth time by jumping directly on different layers, so they can get the spoils with higher efficiency. Compared with those who don't use this method, they get the original advantages that don't belong to them. However, it must be admitted that it is very difficult to raise the level of the character and get the WOW Classic Gold.
Some of the previous news reports on this potential problem, such as the world's first player to reach level 60, through this method, quickly gained enough experience in the final stage to achieve the goal. But Blizzard said the system's bugs had a much smaller impact than the players claimed. What are you waiting for? is a 100% secure website with years of experience in gaming currency sales.

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