Towing with U-Haul Open Trailer?

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Has anybody towed their SRF with an open trailer, like a u-Haul? I've been towing with rented trailers lately. I sometimes can get an open deck and other times go with a u-Haul, which has two tracks for the wheels to sit on. ... Rental/AT/

My old 944 had a wheel base of 94.5" and fit on the u-Haul with room in all directions. I see the SRF has wheel base of 92". I'm sure getting on the ramps is another story and requires some extended ramps...
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any thoughts on this?
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No personal knowledge, but this video might help. Looks like clearance to the nose could be tight; track width as well. May want to call U-Haul to get specific measurements, especially track width.
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Hi everyone, I'm John. I purchased #852 and hauled it from SoCal to NorCal with the open Uhaul trailer.
You must disconnect the trailer and raise it as high as it will go and the car can be driven on with no problem. You have to take the nose off so the front wont scrape the forward part of the trailer and to place the provided straps over the front wheels. Once done, put the nose back on. Do the process in reverse once you arrive at destination. I drove the car on and off. I have pics but they won't upload due to size.

I raced a rental at Sonoma for the #1 Regional and plan to race 852 at Laguna Seca for Regionals 5/6 in April.

I'm interested in finding out if anyone is using a 5th Wheel Toy hauler to haul their cars around. I'm looking at 34-37' 2000-2010 5th wheel toy haulers. The ramps look pretty steep and raising the front of a 5th wheel might not be as easy as a Uhaul trailer. I've got some "race ramps" to assist.
Links or pics would be helpful. Thanks

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