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SCCA Enterprises Technical Bulletin 006-2016
EFI harness / IAC connector body

We have finally reached a sourcing problem with the IAC connector body; starting with EFI harness Serial #281 the leads will be insulated & loose.

We understand this is somewhat of an inconvenience; however Ford discontinued use of the IAC valve carried over from the 1.9 Throttle body in the mid 90’s. Looking forward, when the “throttle by wire” update is complete and tested, the 1.9 throttle body and all associated parts will be obsolete. (Wires for the “TBW” plug are already in your harness).

The loose female pins are covered in heat shrink 1 red and 1 orange wire. The polarity of the IAC matters.

The “Red” wire should be placed on the upper pin, “Orange” wire on the lower pin of the valve.

Orientation is as it’s installed on the engine in the chassis. It’s a good idea to ty-wrap the wires to the IAC body. See picture (wire orientation with connector body in place).

IAC wire description and flow path:
Red wire, 12 volt positive, EFI harness eyelet @ master switch, “main” fuse EFI fuse block, switched by “Main” EFI relay. (power source coil and injectors as well)
Orange wire, connected to pin “M-11” 34 pin connector at the ECU. ECU pulses a ground, which controls the opening of the IAC valve.

Other problems or concerns Contact your local CSR or
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