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Downloading PE ECU data

From this point, assume the PE Monitor software version is correct & set up properly on the PC. “V37 GEN3” / “V50 FE2 & FE” If you do not already have PE Monitor installed, request a link from one of the email addresses below.
Boot the PC and Attach the communication cable, supplied in the kit, to the PC RJ45 network port, then to the USB (type B) comm port bulkhead connector.

Turn the master and IGN switches on, pause for about 10 to 15 seconds

Start the PE Monitor software, when the software is finished loading you will see a small pop up menu that says, “Search for ECU?”. You have 3 options, “Networked”, “Direct” and “No” Click on “Direct”

If your ECU is in a dyno room or similar, and you need to connect over a network, “Networked” is what you would use.
If you wanted to edit a Map or Tune file, “NO” is what you would use, however you are not permitted to do this in our SPEC TUNE classes.

You should then see another pop-up menu reading “ECU Found” IP Address, Click “OK”

Next pop up window “This ECU is password protected”. Leave this area blank and Click “OK”

Next pop up window “Incorrect Password!” “You have reduced access to the ECU” Click “OK”
(Until the FE2 / FE Maps are finalized, they are not password protected, Just Click “OK”)

You should be in communication with the ECU at this point. To verify, look at the lower left side of the display screen and it should read “On Line” in a green box.

If it says “Off Line” in a red box, Repeat the above steps.

Next, use the menu items across the top of the display “Data Acquisition / CAN Bus”, hover the curser on it and Click it.

You will get a new sub menu with “Setup and Control” or “CAN Bus Setup” Click on “Setup and Control”

Next pop up window “Data Acquisition Setup and Control”

The first line of information is the amount of data stored in the ECU. Total time available in the ECU is 87 minutes. At 87 min of data the memory is full, then the ECU will overwrite the oldest data and keep recording. The ECU always has the latest 87 mins of data in memory.

FE2/FE ECU’s are operating at a higher sampling rate, therefor hold less data.

Just right of center is a “Length of File to Download” box. For diagnosing running problems, we want the whole file. Click in the dot beside “Custom Min” and type “90” in the box. Then Click “Get File”

Next you get a windows explorer type screen, the first thing you should do is choose a place to save the data you are about to download. Then, create a “New Folder” and name it something that makes sense for the problem. Example “Hi speed miss 5-10-18”, or maybe the event name and session, next double click on that folder and make a “file name”. I would use the same name. Finally, click “Save”. It will take several minutes to download.

When the download is finished click “OK”

The next thing you want to do is locate the file and “Right Click “on it, you get a new sub menu, and there should be a “Send To”, hover the curser over it and click “Compressed (zipped) folder”. It should place the compressed folder in the same location as the original folder. Attach the compressed folder in an email and send it to or


If you have installed “PE Viewer” You can view the session data in an X Y plot.
Chose the channels you would like to view and use the multi plot. Three to four channels per plot is about all you can make use of.

Please give one of us a call to give a verbal explanation of the problem in detail, so we know what we are looking for in the data.
Mike Davies
SCCA Enterprises

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