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For those interested in the effects while engine is running under power:
Acts like you're down a cylinder. Mine went down Mother's Day at VIR. Happened mid-turn. Roll back on throttle and the engine chokes.

Sorry for the slow reply, I rarely ever check here.

Andrew W.

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Add my car to the list. I only drove at Sebring last year. I just brought the car to Florda for the upcoming races in January and when I tried to start it, all the symptoms listed above. I had not been on the forum for a while and had no idea what was going on.
Dinosaur Racing

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Mark, we will be leaving for Sebring Turkey Trot shortly. If you are planning on running this weekend we have a spare ECU to get you thru the weekend. Just give us a call. Duane Neyer Motorsports 407-539-5695

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