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If you have any questions or need assistance creating an effective advertising program for SpecRacer.com, please contact us. We can provide a quote for developing new ads for you or converting existing ads for use on SpecRacer.com.

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Advertising Rates
Spec Racer Ford is the number one road racing class in America with more than 800 cars having been built and sold by SCCA Enterprises. The Spec Racer drivers, teams and fans are active in this forum and we average over 500 visitors per day with over 3,000 page views per day. The site has had over 172,850 unique visitors and over 56,000 of those visitors have visited more than once. 80% of the site visitors live in the USA. With an average visit length of nearly 10 minutes per visit, this translates to active traffic that you can laverage for your business. The Spec Racer community consists of people that buy products from companies like yours.

SpecRscer.com offers a wide range of advertising options to fit any budget. Our pricing was created to allow you to recover the ad costs with just one or two sales. Start generating revenue today!

All advertising placements are on a first come first serve basis. Our preferred method of payments is by credit card. If you prefer to pay by check we require an annual payment. Ads that are submitted may be in png, gif or jpg formats and 72 dpi.

With the exception of the Exclusive Header Banner ad, all ads will be displayed in rotation with other ads on each page refresh (navigation away and to a new page or update of existing page). Available ad sizes include:

Ad Name Size (Pixels) Max File Size Quarterly Annual
Exclusive Forum Header Banner 468 x 72 135k $150 $500
Exclusive Forum Section Banner 468 x 72 135k $100 $300
Rotating Forum Section Banner* 468 x 72 135k $50 $150
Classified Ads Retailer Program N/A N/A N/A $75

*Rotating Forum Section Banner ads are available until someone buys the exclusive rights to the Forum Header Banner, at which time Rotating Header Banner Ads will rotating in the remaining forum sections.

SpecRacer.com can also design site ads for you starting at $50.

We reserve the right to change, modify or adjust our advertising rates at any time. We also reserve the right to refuse any advertiser for any reason, or cancel any active advertising campaign at any point.

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Posting in the Classified Section of the Forum
Members of the SpecRacer.com forum that are not engaged in the business of selling racing merchandise may post cars and equipment they have for sale without charge. If you are a vendor, service provider or retailer and you would like to post ads in our Classified Ads section, you must either purched a site ad or you may join our Classified Advertiser Program. As a Classified Advertiser, you will be allowed to post your products and services in the Classified Ads section of the Spec Racer forum.

Classified Advertiser access is $75 per year.

Posting of non-motorsports related consumer ads is not permitted. Job postings may be allowed only if they relate specifically to motorsports. We reserve the right to remove any posting for any reason at any time, without recourse or refund. Ads will also be purged on a periodic basis at the discretion of forum management. Ads listed as sold will also be removed to reduce forum clutter. Vendors and retailers that post in the Classified Ads section without signing up eitehr as a Site Advertiser or by joining our Classified Advertiser Program will have their posts removed.

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Teams Page Information
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Links Page Information
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