Spec Ford in Assetto Corsa (Virtual Car)

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Hi Mates,

My name is Luis Mercury. I'm from Argentina.
next to Daniel Jimenez We are virtually recreating the SRF.

Assetto Corsa is an open source simulator and has a physics engine that allows you to recreate cars in a virtual way.

We want the car to have similar behaviors to the real car.
The car (3d and physical) will be free.

We need certain technical data and we would like to interact with you.

We do it as a hobby.

Would you help us with certain data?

We will show our progress in this post.

Best Regards
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 3:45 pm
I would be willing to help give you what info I can. I am sure there are others that prob help if they can.
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