Fuel Injector Cleaning and Calibration

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Fuel Injector Calibration
The off season is a great time to check the fuel injectors in the SpecRacer or on any car. If the fuel injectors do not inject the same amount of fuel into each cylinder the engine will not deliver maximum horsepower or in extreme cases the engine can be damaged. When one or multiple injectors do not deliver as much fuel as the others all cylinders will not have the optimum stoichiometric mixture. The engines computer adjusts the fuel mixture based on all of the cylinders and if some are running rich then others are running lean. It is important to have all the fuel injectors matched to be sure that all the cylinders are running at peak power. If one injector has significantly less flow that the others, a lean mixture, pre-ignition can result and that can lead to a damaged engine.

Disassembly Process
1. Pull the Injectors – Disconnect the fuel lines from the fuel rail and cap the lines with blank caps. Disconnect the connectors leading to the injectors and then remove the fuel rail. After removing the fuel rail, remove the injectors from the rail.
2. Send off The Injectors – Bag and pack them for shipping. Send the injectors to your local shop or AccelRaceTek to have them cleaned and calibrated.

Assembly Process
1. Injectors Assembly – Install the injectors back into the fuel rail. Install the fuel rail and injectors back into the head and connect the electrical connections. Install the fuel supply and return lines.
2. Run-In – Turn on the ignition and check for fuel leaks before starting the motor. If there are no leaks start the motor. It is a good idea to check to be sure there are not any air leaks at any of the injectors. Leaks can be found by spraying starting fluid at each of the injectors and if there is an air leak at the interface between the injector and head the engine idle will increase just after spraying and will go back to normal a few seconds after spraying. If there are no fuel or air leaks you are ready to race.
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Fuel Injector Flow Testing
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