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OK, I've done some searching on the site and didn't find exactly what I'm looking for so I thought I'd put this quick "stupid question" out there to the universe and the experts at large. I'm looking to switch classes in the SCCA and have just recently sold my A-Sedan. I've always wanted to race open wheel but I also have no interest in getting "out cashed" or "car obsoleted" like you do in FC / FA. SRF has always been really attractive to me and I'm very very seriously considering making the leap. I'm aware of the looming engine change and frankly that makes it even more attractive.

I also get the class philosophy and like it. I'm also acutely aware that a 25 year old originally built Spec Racer Renault has the same base chassis as a new car today and (provided it hasn't been trashed) can be made to be just as good as a brand new car. I think that's really really cool. I'm the guy who'd take any car I bought down to nuts bolts and screws anyway just to make everything perfect.

that being said I know there have been part changes, upgrades, replacements, over the years, fixes to designs and other minor upgrades.

So, to my question, is there anywhere a comprehensive list of the changes year over year so when I'm looking at used cars (and I am looking at older Renault equpped cars) I can understand better what things have been upgraded from what the car is, and also understand comprehensively what the total list of new over time items are to bring a car fully up to snuff? Does such a document exist anywhere? Or is it here obviously and I just did a shitty search?

Thanks, in advance

Mark Allen
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Don't bother with older Renault equipped cars as you're going to end up doing two upgrades; one to the Ford, then a second upgrade to the new engine at some point. No way it's going to be worth the effort or justify the cost. If you go with a currently running SRF it should have all the mandatory upgrades, such as alternator pulley, overflow tank and you should be pretty close, with only a few minor upgrades (generally optional, like alternator, in-tank fuel pump, and some suspension bits, vented rotors.) Pull the GCR for the class and you'll find an exhaustive list of parts that have been revised over the years (at least since the Ford conversion) that are mandatory or optional.

Starting on page 714: ... vember.pdf

If you want to do a "ground-up" rebuild, then you can upgrade to AN nuts/bolts, change all the suspension bits like rod-ends, put in new bearings, put in the new in-tank fuel pump, buy the new alternator kit, check the age of the fuel cell and replace if over 5 years, put in new master cylinders, have the engine rebuilt, change/upgrade all the fluids, put in all the optional parts like new adjustable suspensions pieced, rebuild/upgrade shocks (if not Penske's), put in a data and camera system, down to the frame rebuild/powder coat, re-rivet/glue aluminum panels, get/paint new bodywork, rebuild transmission, buy newest wheels.

The thing that we most have to remind drivers coming from other classes is that this truly a "spec" class. That means that, when it doubt, if it's not explicitly stated in the rules that something is allowed, don't do it.

Or, buy a lawn chair so you're comfortable watching others work on their cars, then just drive and enjoy!
Bob Breton - SRF 51 - San Francisco Region

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Thanks Bob, big help!

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