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PostPosted: Thu Dec 27, 2012 12:03 pm
Hello everyone;

Exploring getting into SFR. I raced motorcycles and enjoy track days in my car but want to take it to the next level. Also want to get something in the garage i can tinker with!
So, i live in Charleston, SC, is there an active SFR racing community in the SE?
Second, is there a way i can get to an event and rent a car just to see if im going to enjoy it.
I don't have a race license.

thanks a lot

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First of all, if you want help, it would be nice if you post your NAME - just a first name will be fine.
In answer to your questions, YES, there is an active SRF community in the SE. There are a number of companies/people that rent SRF's, but most of the time, you'll need to be an SCCA member to get on the track. SOME TIMES people do private test days where a non member could get in a car and drive it. Actually, if you have the FUNDS, *YOU* could rent a track and a car on your own, but it gets cost prohibitive rather rapidly.

It's likely that there is someone near you that you could talk to that has a car, and possibly crew for to get the INSIDE TRACK on all there is to know about SRF - but you'll need to provide some local contact info so they could get in touch with you.

BTW - there is a BIG race coming up at Sebring next weekend (not tomorrow) - 3 day event and there are currently 63 SRF's entered. Should be one helluva show if you have the ability and inclination to go down for it. You'll need to find someone to list you as their crew since it's a non spectator event, but I'm confident that you'll have plenty of volunteers to sign you up if you ask here.

Steve (Not SRF, but I drive one in SIM RACING :-) ), FV80
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Needs a Life!!!
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Hi Limey,

There is a SRF racer from Charleston - Tom Weir. I don't think he frequents the forum though. SEI Motorsports out of Daytona services his car, and they always have at least one rental available. Also, your local Customer Service Representatives (CSR's) are Robinson Motorsports in Melbourne, FL and Comprent Motorsports in Athens, GA. They usually have rentals available also.

There are plenty of private track days at some of the local tracks where you could rent a car without a license. I'm pretty sure that one of the folks listed above could arrange it.
Kurt Breitinger
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Needs a Life!!!
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Hello, I'm Tony with SEI Motorsports. Dr. Tom Weir races with us. He live in Charleston S.C. He is a dentist at James Island Dental. You can also talk with him by just dropping him a e-mail. Go to thier web site. We rent cars and go thru the S.E. We will be running at Carolina motorsports park a few times this year,Roebling GA. Road Atlanta and much more but if you like to touch base with a neighbor from your town e-mail Tom or if you need more info on a car rental just e-mail me at You can also get the 2013 schedule on our web site or If you do not have a SCCA license you will need to do the school first.Roebling has a double drivers school in Jan. Jan 31st thru Feb. 3rd you can get your lic. in one double school. We can take you thru the school from car to driver instructor to make it easy and fun. Sorry to run on. Hope it helped. Tony

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 12:28 pm
many thanks for the responses, great to hear there are some local guys.
i will reach out and try and get down to Kershaw.
maybe i can find a DE event, take my car and check out the spec fords as well.

happy new year.

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